Monday, 22 March 2010

The Who vs Ozomatli - Eminence Suite (Make It Funky Demo Edit)

The Who vs Ozomatli - Eminence suite (Make It Funky Demo Edit)  by  James DB

A very rough new Make It Funky Edit featuring an often overlooked Who tune, Eminence Front with the dulcet tones of Chali 2na from Ozomatli's Cut Chemist Suite. Discovered the loop button on serato and just messed about. Recorded the instrumental looping it live then dropped the acapella afterwards. This is a very rough edit. will do a better version when i get the time... let me know your thoughts

Friday, 5 March 2010

Half an hour of soulful disco grooves

Half an hour of soulful disco grooves by James DB

This is one for when you get home after a night out or a lazy Sunday afternoon (which may well be both). Some sweet soulful disco grooves that will bring a smile to your face. Last tune was an afterthought hence a bit of rushed, late mix. As always mixed live in one take using decks, records and Serato

1. Lewis Taylor - Lovelight
2. Disco Deviance - Pushin On (Situation Edit)
3. 6th Borough Project - Do it to the max
4. The Revenge - Heavy love
5. James Brown - Don't stop the funk (Touchsoul edit)
6. Sad Ghost - Sad ghost... for real

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